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​Quirimbas Archipelago Yacht Charter Itinerary

Quirimbas Archipelago Yacht Charters: 

7 nights Yacht Charter
Island Hopping, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Snorkelling, Exploring, Sunbathing…

The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of over 30 islands, stretching north to south along the coastline of Northern Mozambique. The Quirimbas National Park encompasses 11 of the islands including Ibo 

Island (nominated for World Heritage Status), Quilalea, Matemo, Rolas , Mogundula, Medjumbe and various others.  

Your cruise will take in most of these main islands, plus, time permitting many other islands up to Vamizi island and out to St Lazarus Banks - a world class fishing destination (if guests would like to).

Most islands are uninhabited and all are blessed with white sandy beaches surrounded by a tropical Indian Ocean and a marine environment that has remained virtually unexplored.

The islands stretch along one of the most unexplored and undeveloped stretches of coastline in the world. The Quirimbas Archipelago is without doubt one of the best yacht charter destinations in the world.

Charters can start and end at Pemba or any of the island lodges, such as Ibo Island, Quilalea Island, Medjumbe Island and Vamizi Island. So its easy to combine a  Quirimbas yacht charter with a lodge and beach resort stay.


The following is a guideline itinerary only, as we prefer to keep things flexible to match our guests interests and requirements, the mood on the day and optimizing weather and conditions to create the best experience we can. 

Ask us for a quote.


You can easily add on a beach resort  or a safari to this cruise and then you have a Sail & Safari!


A unique combination, ONLY available here in East Africa!


7 Nights

Day 1: Pemba to Situ Island
Day 2: Quilalea Island
Day 3: Ibo Island
Day 4: Rolas Island to Mogundula
Day 5: Mogundula Island

Day 6: Medjumbe Island.

Day 7: Matemo Island 
Day 8: Return to Pemba

The Cruise can start and end at Pemba or can also start and end at any of the other island lodges.


5 Nights

Day 1: Pemba to Situ Island

Day 2: Quilalea Island

Day 3: Ibo Island

Day 4: Matemo Island

Day 5: Mogundula Island

Day 6: Return to Ibo Island.  Fly back to Pemba

For this charter we recommend guests fly in to Ibo island and start the charter from Ibo Island. This saves a lot of travel time by yacht to get into the main islands.


3 Nights

  • Day 1: Ibo Island 

  • Day 2: Matemo & Mogundula Island

  • Day 3: Mogundula Island

  • Day 4: Ibo Island 

For this shorter charter we recommend guests fly in to and out of Ibo island and start and end the charter from Ibo Island. This saves a lot of travel time by yacht to get into the main islands.

Day 1: Pemba to Situ Island

Arrive in Pemba, meet and greet assistance and Nautilus Hotel Wimbe Beach.

Enjoy a cold drink or two while the crew take your gear out to the yacht, before you are transferred to the yacht by rubber duck. Safety briefing and set sail for Quirimbas Archipelago.


Fish while underway to overnight anchorage. Overnight at Situ Island, Tari Bay with great snorkelling, fishing and mangrove kayaking.


There is a beach lodge at Situ, and you are welcome to go ashore and enjoy cold drinks at the bar if you wish.

Day 2: Quilalea Island

Wake to coffee / tea and a light snack before diving or any other activities you prefer.

After breakfast set sail north to Quilalea region for overnight anchorage.


En-route we can stop and explore Quisiva Island and its old fort. Dive sites and game fishing can be enjoyed along with all other activities.  


Overnight in the lee of Quisiva Island or depending on conditions we head further north to Quilalea Island.

Day 3: Ibo Island
An early start, depending on where we moored overnight and set sail for Ibo Island.

Ibo is an amazing island. it has been nominated for World Heritage Status and is a very unique place to visit. 

We own a lodge on Ibo Island. For more info about the island go to

We will spend the day at Ibo Island and at the lodge too if guests wish.

Explore Ibo Island and its history and enjoy mangrove kayaking, bird watching, historical tours of the island, cultural interaction. Enjoy drinks at the bar and use the swimming pools at the Ibo Island Lodge to cool off.

We will over night in the bay at Ibo Island.

Day 4: Rolas to Mogundula Island
The yacht will head out of the channel, past the main fort and out towards the old

light house on Ibo's northern point. Here you will be able to encounter Ibo's residentdolphins, and snorkel with them. 

After the dolphin encounters, we will then drop anchor close to early 19th century 

steam ship wreck, where the main boiler can still be seen above the waves. 

It’s a great snorkelling spot.

We then head north to a stunning sand bank beach where we will anchor for lunch 

served on the yacht.  After lunch  we continue to Rolas and Mogundula Island.

Day 5 & 6: Mogundula Island
Once we get to Mogundula we will spend a couple days relaxing and exploring the area.

Snorkel, swim, and explore the island. We have a lodge on the island so guests are 

welcome to go shore, enjoy drinks at the bar, cool off in the pools or take a walk 

around to Turtle Beach on the far side of the island.

There is also great snorkelling on the drop-off reefs. 


We will make Mogundula our base for a couple of days for activities, and relaxing at a tropical island.

Day 7: Matemo

We will spend the day cruising back to Pemba via the islands of to arrive later in the day for the last night.


Depending on conditions the skipper may elect to spend more of today in the islands and cruise overnight to arrive in Pemba in time for a late morning departure for Pemba airport.

Day 8: Pemba

Disembark in the morning at Wimbe Beach, Pemba

Transfer to the airport or your next destination.

Add on a Safari!



Add on a safari to Southern or East Africa for the experience of a life time!


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