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Spearfishing at Latham Island


Spearfishing Charters Latham Island


Charter a private yacht to experience the power and exhilaration of spearfishing at Latham Island. Latham Island is the top spearfishing location in the world for hunting giant Dogtooth Tuna! The world's biggest Dogtooth Tuna ever taken by spearfishing, 109.1 kgs and 110.3 kgs was at Latham Island.
Latham is a flat coral island located some 40 nautical miles south east of Zanzibar Island surrounded by a 40 SQ KM reef with drop offs and walls into about 500 metres of ocean.
From September through March every year at Latham Island, these fish congregate in large schools, sometimes numbering up to 30 to 50 fish and average between 30 kgs to 150 kgs in weight.
Latham Island consistently produces large Dogtooth Tuna, many in the 60 kg - 90 kg size class. Larger fish have been regularly seen and shot, and simply lost due to their sheer power. Many other large game species are also found at Latham Island.
Our Latham Island Spearfishing trips take place on-board a luxury sailing catamaran, accompanied by one of our dedicated spearfishing boats. 

You eat, rest, play and sleep on the yacht right over the reefs at Latham Island and you hunt from our dedicated spearfishing support motor boats.
Our spearfishing charters are normally between 3 nights and 10 nights September to March





Valid: to Dec 2023.

  • 4 days - US$ 2,860 per person with min 4 divers sharing the trip.

  • 7 days - US$ 4,995 per person with min 4 divers sharing the trip

  • For Non - Spearfishermen and if more than 4 divers, please ask for a quote.

Getting to Latham Island

Day 1: Depart Stone Town at 11 am.

Cruise to Latham Island via Menai Bay.


Because of the ocean currents, wind and waves it can take 16 - 24 hours of sailing navigation to get to Latham if we depart from Stone Town and sail non stop.

To make it faster and more comfortable for guests, the best solution we have found is to go to Kizimkazi at the southern point of Zanzibar and anchor late afternoon on day 1. Then from there, set off at midnight again and head to Latham for the last 38NM when the wind and conditions tend to be calmer.

We will arrive at Latham early on the morning of day 2 ready to start the days activities.

Spear Fishing Yacht Charter

​Private Catamaran Yacht Charter - Spear Fishing


  • 60ft Luxury Crewed Yacht,

  • Dive Support motor boat

  • Skipper

  • Fishing Guides

  • Chef/Crew

  • Bed linens

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner 

  • Snacks 

  • Juices & soft drinks

  • Local Beers, selected House Wines

  • Coffee, tea, water 

  • Snorkelling​

  • Trolling Fishing Gear (and some light tackle gear)

  • Fuel For Main Yacht,

  • Tender

60ft Liveaboard Charter Catamaran

Pre Charter Night on Zanzibar Island (recommended)

We can book this for you. Ask us for options

First Day

  • 08h00 - Embarkation of passengers at Kisimikazi in the south of Zanzibar, followed by captain’s briefing on security & safety on board and explanation of the itinerary

  • Leave for Latham Island on board the catamaran with support boat following. Lunch served on board.

  • Arrive later that day at Latham Island to start yourr adventure. Dinner is served

  • Overnight

On Charter Days

  • Days spent on yacht, or on the island, spearfishing, fishing and snorkelling or even scuba diving

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on board each day along with a selection of soft drinks, beers and wines.

Last Day 

  • We depart Latham island during the last night and cruise over night back to Zanzibar

  • Disembark in the morning back at Zanzibar

Dive Support Boat

  • For safety reasons all Spearfishing  is done with support boats, not directly from main yacht.

  • Includes: Spearfishing gear, support boat, skipper and guide, Line and Float, Speargun, weights, masks, snorkel, wetsuits, 

  • Max 4 spear fishermen per dive support boat

  • If there are more than 4 spear fishermen on the charter we  can spit the group and use just 1 support boat and guests dive in 2 separate groups

  • Or we can bring 2 support boats if guests wish to all dive at same time. 2nd additional support boat is 1000 USD per day if needed.

  • The support boats are centre console 21ft and 24ft motor catamarans with double outboard motors and all safety gear. 

LATHAM 3.jpg


  • Guests who are serious fishermen should bring all their own jigging and popping  fishing gear.

  • Our skipper can guide you on what to bring.

  • Guest can bring own alcohol or pre-purchase it!

  • Scuba Diving available at 50 USD per dive as an extra cost. 


Day spearfishing charters using fast speedboats


Latham - 1.5 - 2 Hours cruise to Latham each way – depart from S Zanzibar

Pemba Island - 1-2 Hours cruise to Southern Pemba departing from Nungwi

Zanzibar area - 30-45 mins cruise time

24ft Standard Spearfishing Boat


Half Day / Zanzibar

US$ 250 per person. Maximum 4 people per boat.

Full Day / Zanzibar

US$ 320 per person per day. Maximum 4 people per boat.

Full Day / Pemba Island

US$ 360 per person. Minimum cost is USD 1080 and maximum is 1400 USD with max 4 people per boat.

Full Day Latham Island

US$ 2,400 per boat. Maximum 4 pax per boat.

Includes the yacht, fuel, crew, spear guide, all spear gear, snacks, drinks and permits


40ft FASTER BIGGER Spearfishing Boat


Half Day around Zanzibar

US$ 2,200 per day. Maximum 4 people per boat.


Full Day around Zanzibar

US$ 3,600 per per day. Maximum 4 people per boat.


Full Day to Latham Island

US$ 3,900 per per day. Maximum 4 people per boat


Includes the yacht, fuel, crew, spear guide, all spear gear, snacks, drinks and permits



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